What To Pack When Vacationing In…Florida

May 2, 2013

What is the ultimate question a woman asks when preparing to travel anywhere?  What should I pack?  My grandfather gave the women in his life a very wise piece of advice and that was“what you don’t have, you can buy there”.  He was a very wise man, but sometimes women just cant help but go crazy and load up their suitcase with things they wont use and forget things that they actually do need.  This list is my advice on what you should pack for…Florida.

I list sunscreen as number 1 because 2 weeks ago I was in in Florida in cloudy, windy weather and didn’t think that I would get any color…boy was I wrong.  Check out this picture of the progression of my burn throughout the next week.  It made the rest of my vacation miserable.  So for the love of God, wear sunscreen!


This may be an obvious essential to pack for Florida, but it is all about packing the right swimsuit.  If you’re concerned about the right bathing suit for your body type, you can find many sources online for that but I suggest checking out this one:
 You basically pick out what you want to minimize or emphasize for your body type and voila!  From experience I know that picking out the wrong bathing suit can make or break your experience in the sun. 

Be sure to try on a new bathing suit and I would suggest in cases of buying a white bathing suit to go in the shower with it and make sure it isn’t too sheer-you don’t want to find that out as you are getting out of the pool and all eyes are on you.  I often pack an extra bathing suit just in case of emergencies which I recommend to everyone.


These can be fun for a beach vacation and so versatile.  You can use your sarong as a cover up, make into a dress, skirt or wrap.  On my last vacation I used my wrap as a long skirt with my bathing suit top and went out to lunch making it into a shorter skirt with a linen buttoned shirt and a floppy hat.  Comfortable, fun and takes up no room while packing!


I have recently grown this obsession with hats.  I have several fedora types and my absolute favorite are big floppy hats to wear poolside.  Most times when going to the pool you don’t do your hair so throwing in a braid and a hat over your head is the perfect solution.  When walking around town you aren’t focusing on the fact that harmful sun rays are hitting your skin, so a hat is always a good protecter against unexpected face burn, not to mention making your outfit that much more fabulous!

pack accordingly

Shorts and capris (especially in neutral colors) are always a safe bet because you can dress them up or down with a nice blouse or a casual t-shirt.  Make sure to check the weather before you go on your trip so you can expect what kind of attire you will need.  Wearing jeans in 90 degree weather is never comfortable.


Again, you want to be sure to check the weather before you go.  A couple of tank tops, a few nice blouses, a comfy t-shirt and a few dresses are ideal for typical Florida weather.

Gym Shoes

On my most recent trip to Florida I forgot to bring a pair of gym shoes even though I brought 3 different workout outfits to wear!  Even if you don’t plan on getting exercise in on your vacation, some activities you plan on doing may require them, especially if you go to any theme or rollercoaster parks.  I ended up stopping at the closest Walmart and buying a $10 pair of gym shoes that I planned on leaving after my use, but they turned out to be so comfortable and actually cute that I think I am going to use them until they wear out!


One important essential to bring is some article of clothing incase the weather decides to take a turn whether it be a sweatshirt or small jacket or my favorite being a cardigan.  A simple cardigan can be worn with a tee, dressed up with a blouse or go perfectly over a dress so be prepared especially if you plan on being outside for the evening, temperatures do drop at night!


I love going to Florida because one day in the sun and I feel like I don’t need to wear makeup the rest of the trip!  Don’t plan to cake on too much makeup during the day as chances are you are going to sweat it off, and you may want to leave your face bare to apply some sunscreen and get some color.  I find what I use most in Florida is maybe a powder in the evening with a eyeliner crayon and a mascara.  Also, if you aren’t used to warm climates be careful where you leave your makeup so it doesn’t melt!

Hair Essentials

Another thing great about Florida is I can let my hair air dry after the shower and manage it with some frizz ease spray, I don’t have to do a whole lot of pampering.  If you are staying at a hotel, most hotels have hair dryers and there are a lot of travel hair dryers on the market now a days.  If you plan on going out a lot and want to tame your hair just bring a straightener so that you have the option of straightening your hair as well as curling it using the straightening iron.
If you don’t know how you can check it out here.
One thing I do like to buy when I get there is a few small travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and maybe some aloe vera just in case.  Saves you the trouble of going through security with it and risking it spilling onto your things or shifting during flight.


One thing I cannot forget on vacation is my camera and I make sure to get everything set up a couple of nights before leaving.  Make sure that you charge your camera’s battery before you go, as well as packing the battery charger.  Almost make sure that you have a memory card in the camera and pack extras if you feel it necessary.  Because of my profession I bring my camera uploader as well as my laptop, but make sure you relax on vacation and don’t spend all of your time fiddling around with electronics.  I have an additional point and shoot camera that is waterproof that is fun for pool and ocean underwater shots and is excellent (and smart) for taking photographs poolside without the worry of your camera getting wet.


Before you fly:
Make sure that you have your wallet with any credit or debit cards you may need as well as a form of identification.  I always bring two forms of identification and put them in different spots of my luggage just in case of emergencies.  Don’t forget to grab your phone charger as well as your phone before you leave.  Now a days if you forget your ticket, it is easy to pull it up on your phone or reprint it at the airport.  Make sure all your liquids are stored in a plastic baggie and be ready to take it out and put in a bin to X-ray.

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