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Watermelon Porcupine

July 8, 2015

If you’re a sucker for Halloween and carving pumpkins, don’t let summer get you down- carve a watermelon instead!  This project is a creative, hands on way to turn a simple fruit platter into a work of art.

Watermelon Porcupine {Creature}


What you’ll need:

  • Watermelon
  • Assorted Fruit
  • Toothpicks



I started with a picture I found on Pinterest and began carving my watermelon half way in half, leaving a “handle” for easy carrying purposes


Once carved, I pulled out the melon insides with an ice cream scooper and a knife- salvaging what I could of ripe pieces of watermelon. image I carved out ears and propped them with a toothpick.  I then cut part of my extra rind into a traingle for the nose and secured it into the watermelon with a few more toothpicks. I used the same technique for the eyes- using a blueberry and toothpick.  I suggest sticking the toothpick in first where you want it, and then gently pushing the blueberry into the toothpick.


Once I had a sort of “basket” for fruit to go in, I chopped up some fresh fruit and added it in- randomly inserting blue and red toothpicks to create the “porcupine” look.  It would have been much easier to assume it was a porcupine if I had had A.) More fruit and B.) More toothpicks without frills on the ends, but working on a time crunch I worked with what I had!

I took an extra rind and cut out a few “feet” and placed my adorable creature on a platter to serve!

Screen shot 2015-07-07 at 7.20.58 PM

I have to say, for how cute and complex this little guy looks, it took me under 30 minutes and not a whole lot of work!  I challenge you to make this creature for your next BBQ and watch your guests Ooo & Aahh!

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