Virginia Is For Lovers

August 29, 2013

I was so happy to hear the garage door close as I was washing dishes and cleaning up.  I had 2 hours by myself until Kevin got home from work so I had decided to make myself useful!  We stared at each other and kissed–it was strange though, he seemed like an unfamiliar person at first.  I guess that is long distance for you!  We hugged for awhile and chatted before discussing our dinner plans.  We had planned to order take-out but we decided to instead make dinner together.
We made steak, potatoes, a salad with some yummy veggies in it, crab legs and cut up some italian bread.
Everything was so delicious and I loved that we made it together. 
We ended the night snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie about rowing with James VanDer Beak.  But we weren’t really paying attention to the movie.  🙂

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