USS Wisconsin, Domo Sushi & I love you’s

September 3, 2013

We slept in a little bit and ventured out to Norfolk to see the USS WIsconsin, one of the largest battleships and also the last battleship to be built.  It was interesting for me to see what a ship is like from the inside.  Granted, the USS Wisconsin was a battleship and isn’t up to date with all of the modern technology, but Kevin told me that a lot of things on the ship are similar to the way he lived.  He showed me the conditions he slept in small quarters with no privacy and what life at sea was like.  I couldn’t imagine..   I learned a lot and I am very glad that I was able to go and we got some really nice pictures of us in front of the battleship.

After the USS Wisconsin we stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some things for Kevin’s room.  It was fun to shop with him because when he had shopped with me he seemed bored and just kind of hovered and I would say “isn’t this cute?” to everything and he would look bored out of his mind.  It was fun to actually see him interested in things for his home.  It also gave me an outlook to what Bed Bath & Beyond dates would be like if we had a place together 🙂

Kev bought me a space saver bag which we were both hesitant about, but there was no way everything would fit into my luggage without a little assistance so we gave it a try. (See below!)
When we got home we did a craft that we had wanted to try which actually turned out to be kind of a fail…but one sort of cute necklace came out of it so oh well, we tried!  I then edited photographs on my computer while Kevin played video games until we were ready for dinner.
Our final date of the trip was my decision but Kevin kept talking about this place Domo Sushi so I decided we should do that.  I threw on a comfy black dress, some blinged out wedges, a bunch of jewelry and my big floppy hat.  This was my next favorite meal aside from Catch 31 and I am glad that I decided to be more adventurous instead of just order the California Roll.
I had a glass of plum wine and we started our meal off with an order of Gyoza and Yakinniku

Both were delicious

I couldn’t decide on what rolls I wanted so Kevin told me to order whatever I wanted and we can take the rest home.  We ordered Lobster rolls, Snow White rolls, Virginia Beach rolls.

It was all SO amazing!  I will def be craving this until the next time I go to Virginia and I think the pictures really capture how great they were!  Another wonderful dinner!

After dinner we sit in bed on our computers and while I edited more pictures and worked on articles, Kevin played a few of his video games and we chatted throughout it all.  It was romantic in a weird way and we tried not to focus on the fact that when we woke up in the morning, that would be the last time we see each other for many months. 

I was frusturated trying to figure out how to pack my bag and make it all fit but Kevin helped me work through it.  He is used to fitting his entire life in a duffle bag.  We used the space saver bag and it actually worked really well!  I think it really saved a lot of room.  It just sort of scrunched clothes up and I will def be reusing this bag to store away items in my closet.

I bought this “Suit Saver” bag at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

Kevin saw my frustration and my anxiety for traveling the next day and he brought me a glass of wine in bed before we brushed our teeth together, turned off the lights and got into bed.  We said our long goodbyes and I asked Kevin if he had anything else to say before we went to sleep. As I was half awake he says “Yeah, I do have something to tell you…I love you”.  I snapped back into consciousness and turned around and said “what did you say?” to make sure I didn’t just dream him saying that.  I told him that I loved him too.  The perfect end to the perfect day.

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