Top 5 Road Trip Travel Accessories

September 1, 2015


Tried and true, here are my road trip travel accessory must-haves for 2015.


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Keep your electronic devices charged on-the-go!  These portable charging banks can be found at any electronic retailer and even gas stations and grocery stores.  Be careful on the ones you find for less than $10, as you might not even get one full charge out of it before it dies and leaves you hangin’.  I purchased the Mercury Innovations charger (Nordstrom Rack, $20), and swear by it.  I get about 5 full chargers from it and on my 14-hour road trip last week, my phone remained close to 100% for the duration of the trip.  Read reviews carefully and check the chart on the back of the package to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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If you’re like me and can’t wait until you get home to upload all of your photographs, you are going to need an SD card reader to plug into whatever electronic device you brought with.  You can get a card reader with an easy USB port for fairly cheap which is perfect if you have your laptop with.  I use my iPad Mini as my personal computer, so I purchased this Apple SD Card Reader, $29.  It plugs into the lightning port on my iPad and downloads all of my photographs so I can easily view and share them.  An absolute essential for a mobile blogger!

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Obviously, water on a road trip.  But why do you need a special water tumbler for that?  Let me tell you–they make some really awesome ones that keep cold beverages cool for hours or even days!  If you’ve experienced sipping out of a water bottle that has been sitting in the hot car all day, you can pick up what i’m puttin’ down.  I love the perk of being able to use this water tumbler throughout an entire road trip as well as traveling throughout my destination.  Hiking, sightseeing, camping, you name it- buy this.

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Let me just tell you, I spent 14- hours in a car sharing a row of seats with two children under the age of 10.  Let’s just say, none of us slept a wink- it was impossible to get comfortable without getting a major cramp in your neck.  All I wished for was a beloved neck pillow so no matter the position of my body, my head would be in a position that I might actually have been able to fall asleep.  They really give you some great support for those long car rides and flights.  If you’re planning a road trip for more than 2 hours, buy a neck pillow- your body will thank you.

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Because every girl needs her beauty sleep.

What are your top road trip travel accessories?  Sound off in the comments below!

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