The Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation- Greensboro, Georgia

March 29, 2013

Visiting the Ritz Carlton Lodge was another wonderful experience in Greensboro, Georgia.  We had spent the afternoon going to a gallery and doing some light shopping so we decided to have a little liquid lunch and ended up at the Ritz the day prior to my departure back home to Reality, Illinois.  To our surprise there were several Easter events going on so we took our drinks to a table overlooking the lake as well as all the Easter festivities.  There were all sorts of fun games for the kids and all the adults looked so posh in their Ralph Lauren attire, big hats and flashy jewelry.  It was pleasant sitting there sipping my “lunch” and looking at these happy families around us.  One thing I wish I had snapped a shot of was the employees that were dressed in knee high argyle socks, long golf shorts, sweater vests and newspaper boy hats.  I am sure that they complain about their work uniforms but I thought they were the cutest outfits! 

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