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The Landing at Reynolds Plantation–Greensboro, Georgia

March 24, 2013


My grandmother’s lavish winter home is located smack dab in the middle of the most beautiful Georgia community.  She resides inside of a private country club called Reynolds Plantation.  Reynolds Plantation is more like a city than a country club-even the fire hydrants and the garbage cans are beautiful!  One of the many restaurants that Reynolds Plantation has to offer is called The Landing.  

The Landing (the name derived from the first golf course built on Lake Oconee in Reynolds Plantation) serves classic club cuisine with a twist. To my delight I was invited to “endless crab legs” night– keep in mind that I had never had crab legs before so I was in for quite a treat.

Like many others, the idea of trying to eat the legs of a crab off your plate and picking through the shell to get to the meat is really a disgusting if not morbid thought but I am always up for a challenge so with a little pressure from the men at the table, I decided to ditch the salad and go for the crab legs.  Boy, did I make the right choice!  The company of the evening could not have been better.  My grandma’s friend Tom enjoys getting his mix of friends together monthly for some kind of a gathering or another and invited my grandmother and I to his dinner party.  Tom really is a remarkable man that I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting and I adore his friend Rigsby, another handsome older gentlemen with humor, style and class.  The conversation of the evening was light-hearted and fun, the wine was deliciously satisfying and the men I was surrounded with showed me what it means to be a true gentlemen.

Our first course of crab legs came out along with a plate of utensils that were foreign to me.  After my Crab Legs Dissection 101 from the men at the table, I dove in and explored the legs trying hard not to think about whom they once belonged to.  I practically threw my crab in the air when I had gotten through the first shell and pulled out the meat.  Standing alone the meat might not have been all to die for, but dipped in butter and served with a few small potatoes and half an ear of corn, the meal was absolutely divine.  I would take breaks to sip my wine, wipe my hands and admire my work in front of me and then, delightfully proceed.

Apparently they weren’t joking when they advertised “endless crab legs” because they kept on coming!  The amazing thing about crab is that it doesn’t give you a full feeling so you can just keep on going, but after several plates and a side of guilt I had to put down the nut cracker, wash down my palette with another glass of wine and wash my hands.  While in the bathroom, which I must mention was also beautiful with lighting that made you feel like a goddess (maybe that was the wine) and custom hand towels that I was almost too afraid to wipe my hands on, I unfortunately noticed that my light blue blouse now had crab juice in a connect-the-dots style constellation.  I embarrassingly pulled my hair in front of me and walked back to the table only to be served the perfect drink to end the dinner with- a cappuccino.  Good company, good wine, delicious food and wonderful service, I give this meal a two thumbs up with a smile and look forward to throwing myself into new experiences like these, even if they do require me to schedule a date with the dry cleaner afterwards.

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