Target Finds: November 2015

November 4, 2015

My love for Target has hit an all time high with their new self-checkout registers, fabulous stock of seasonal merchandise and unbeatable clearance deals.  Yesterday I went along with my normal routine– grab my chai latte from the Starbucks inside and then proceed down every aisle, filling up my shopping cart with the items I desire.  The Dollar Spot is usually the first section I look at, and I make sure to hit up all the clearance sections between aisles.  When I am complete and have seen the entire store selection, I open my Cartwheel app and scan all the items in my cart to see what additional savings I can get.  I mentally add everything up in my head and ditch the items I don’t want.  Did I come to Target just for a pack of razors and a stick of deodorant?  Sure…but I just have to look….

I grabbed my cart, sipped my chai latte and my heart started racing a little after taking a few more steps. 

Drumroll please……..


Target’s revamped Dollar Spot is AMAZEBALLS.  I was pleasently surpised to see fixtures moved, merchandise in it’s right place and a festive Spot dog sitting atop a fixture.  Looks like I arrived just in time to see the roll out of this new Dollar Spot.  Woot Woot!


The Dollar Spot has evolved from $1 & $2.50 finds to $1, $3, $5 treasures.  The dollar spot selection I found today had to be my favorite.  A large portion of the merchandise was seasonal; Christmas decor such as nutcrackers, trees, advent calendars and stockings, several holiday kids crafts, stocking stuffers, holiday costume accessories, scarves, socks, candles, tumblers, desk accessories, wrapping paper, a section incomplete that looked like it was a neat art section, and my personal favorite: dog sweaters, puffer vests, socks, collars and leashes, bowls and mats, and adorable plaques for dog lovers alike.

I’m pleased with both the selection as well as the quality of the merchandise.  At dollar stores you can score some sweet deals, but you know that the quality isn’t going to be great.  Target delivered on this one!

“These are a few of my favorite things”


One of my favorite purchases had to be these adorable stemless gold dot glasses- they match my Kate Spade gold dot collection so well and the best part- they came in a 2-pack for $3.  Yeah, you read that right- THREE. DOLLARS.  Obsessed.  I went back today and swiped the rest of what they had in stock.  Sorry not sorry.


My dogs are my best friends, so I jumped as soon as I saw this adorable plaque.  It looks great on my wall and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Yep. 3 Buck-a-roos.


I LOVE the Dollar Spot clearance.  I never know exactly when they mark their clearance, but a few times I’ve happened upon it and it is FAN.TAS.TIC.  I scored these great office supplies for just 50 cents a piece.


This morning I read on All Things Target  (new fave website by the way) that they had additional markdowns on these items today for a total of 70% off.  Like, are you joking??  Here are some more awesome finds from today.  If I was super into Halloween, I probably would have grabbed a ton of costumes and accessories to save for next year.


My favorite 30 cent purchase of today was these chevron beverage cozy’s.  I have some DIY plans for these bad boys!  Stay tuned.


If you know someone who is all about Littlest Pet Shop (like my nieces), get in to the store before November 7th.  Through the Cartwheel app, all Littlest Pet Shop items are 30% off.  To score even bigger, use the 25% off Toy mobile coupon by texting TOY to 827438.  You can also use the 25% off coupon on any toy or sporting goods item through November 7th!  You’re welcome.


What do you guys think?  Do you have any tips for great Target deals?  Sound off in the comments below!

Happy Shopping! 


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