Sunday Funday

March 3, 2014
On Sunday’s I handle the social media for Nordstrom Woodfield (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
With all the duties I have at Nordstrom, Social Media Sunday’s often slip my mind.  When I woke up I wanted to post something right away so I started with a simple ecard post that I thought was funny and reminded me of my childhood at Nordstrom.
Somehow a simple balloon from Nordstrom would keep me distracted while my mother shopped.  GENIUS!
This was my other social media post for the day.  I threw together an outfit that was current and available for purchase in our store and thought it would be appropriate and relatable to lay out on my bed.  (Conveniently my bedding, pillows and record player are all from Nordstrom too so it worked out well!)  My actual outfit of the day went in a less casual direction..
I never really liked animal print that much, but when I saw this dress on sale I had to order it and I really like it!  
The back is SO cute and it was 50% off!  Only $31.98!
I stayed consistent with some gold jewelry and this dual time watch.  I think it’s adorable and I love that I have my time on the one face and on the other I have Kevin’s time in Afghanistan.
Speaking of time….this lady is BEAT.  Time for some comfy PJ’s and much needed sleep!

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