DIY Sunday Craft: Army Men Picture Frame

August 19, 2013
I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and decided to make this picture frame to go along with Kevin’s birthday gift.  Throughout the entire process my family made fun of me and I realized what a silly idea it was, but I followed through with it anyways!  If Kevin doesn’t like it he can tuck it in a drawer and I’ll never know.  😛
What you’ll need:
  • Army men (I found packages at the Target Dollar Spot and only used about half of a package)
  • A picture frame of your choice (border being large enough for the army men to fit)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint in whatever color you choose (I bought a small can of Short Cuts Hobby/Craft Paint in Flat Black
I hot glued the army men to the frame in a random pattern, making sure not to put two of the same guys next to each other.
After hot glueing all of the army men securely to the frame, I then went outside and spray painted the frame on the front as well as the back.  One coat worked fine, but I did two just to be sure since I had never used this spray paint before.
Insert your own photograph and voila!  Sure it is a little silly looking but I think it was a clever idea and the black will match Kevin’s decor in his room very well!  I am still deciding on which picture of him and I to put in there but I will take a picture of it displayed in his bedroom after I give it to him! 🙂
What do you think??

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