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The Global Chameleon was created in 2010 as a way for Cristine to share her travel stories, fashion tips, DIY projects, & experiences while working towards her degree in Journalism.

Throughout the years Cristine spent living in Chicago, she learned a great deal about working both with and for the community.  Journalists do more than just tell a story; they exist within the story, and it’s their responsibility to convey the community’s feeling to the rest of the world.

After college, Cristine worked for a Fortune 500 company where she was heavily involved in their social media campaigning, editing, management and even teaching a class for High School students interested in a career in Fashion.

Present day, The Global Chameleon is a creative outlet for Cristine as well as a way to show her viewers how easy it is to make everyday life beautiful.  You will find stories of her travels, fashion articles, DIY projects across a variety of mediums, recipes, party planning tips and so much more.   

Cristine’s travels include Italy, France, England, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico and all over the United States.

Bon Voyage!

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Contact me via e-mail at Cristine@GlobalChameleon.com

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