Rome wasn’t built in a day

April 12, 2013

I feel like I am one of those people that live a trendy healthy lifestyle, always trying new smoothie concoctions and food recipes but unfortunately, I just love food too much to stick with one plan.  In high school I always fluctuated somewhere between 115-125 pounds (didn’t we all?) and after a few years in college my weight became a rollercoaster ride.  I struggled with it for a while, but I knew what I was and wasn’t doing so it was in my hands to change that.  One summer I remember sitting in my bathtub and looking at my stomach and thinking, “when did that happen?  My stomach is flat..”.  Of course that quickly changed and it has been all up and downs since.  If there is one thing I can say I am not happy with regarding my appearance is my weight and lucky for me that IS something that I can change.  I hate exercising and more importantly I totally hate the gym, I have yet to find a gym in the suburbs that I actually look forward to going to.  I go through spurts of working out and feeling really great about myself and then just completely being a lazy ass and watching Netflix in bed for days in a row.  I guess the important thing is I know all of this and look forward to finding a comfortable medium.  Acceptance and the will to change, am I right?  

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