Product of the Week: The Wrap Up

March 14, 2014
Ladies, meet your new best friend!

‘The Wrap Up’ by SARAHPOTEMPA available at Nordstrom
I ordered this gem after viewing a tutorial on a wedding (half) up-do and thought the hair style was gorgeous.  I looked into how to achieve the look and this time-saving product really stuck out to me.
As you can see to achieve the up-do she curled and teased her hair but to achieve the bun she used ‘The Wrap Up’ product.
I was super excited to receive this in the mail today, I wasted no time trying it out on my knotty, greasy hair.
Per instructions I started off with a ponytail, I stuck my hair through the opening, pinched closed the flexible base and rolled my hair into The Wrap Up.  From there I just folded down the edges, pulled my hair over them and voila! I know the pictures are rather hard to see- this is the best I could get for taking pictures of myself doing it but the bun turned out awesome in less than a minute AND with nasty hair!  All I needed was one pin on top to secure it.
I am thoroughly impressed by this product and I will be sure to update on the many ways I use it!  I love the “sock buns” but those require a million bobby pins.  This product is great for those work days where my hair just wont cooperate- I can throw it back in a low bun or trend it up with a top bun!  I highly recommend trying this product!
That’s all for now, check back for a product highlight next week!

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