How to: Paint Filled Ornament

December 1, 2015

If you’re looking to decorate a clear craft ornament, the first place to start is turning the ornament into one solid color of your choice.  Follow this easy tutorial to get you started!


1. Start by taking the cap off of craft ornament and setting cap aside
2. Pick the color you want the base of the ornament to be, squirt a quarter size into the ornament
3. Stick finger inside the opening of the ornament, and shake until the paint is covering the entire inside of the ornament
-Kid Friendly: Slowly rotate the ornament around until the paint is covering the entire inside of the ornament.  Squirt more paint as needed
4. Once the ornament is a solid color, dump it upside down in a cup or plate so that all of the excess paint can drip out of the ornament. I recommend using plastic shot glasses for this and letting them sit overnight.
5. Once dry, replace cap and begin decorating!

PRO TIP:  After a day or two, check to make sure that the color hasn’t separated.  If it has, repeat steps to apply a second coat.

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