Packing for my trip!

August 20, 2013

I cannot believe that I leave for my trip in a little over 24 hours!  I will be driving to Georgia and spending 7 days at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro; eating, drinking wine, working out, playing in one of the many lakes, basking in the sun and attending a yacht party!  Spoiled much?
After a week of fabulousness I am flying to Virginia Beach to (finally) see my boyfriend and spend 7 amazing days with him.  I cannot even CONTAIN my excitement!!
I ran in to a small problem while packing…how the hell do I fit 14 days of clothes, beauty products, jewelry, shoes and one big floppy hat into a luggage and a carry-on bag?  I assessed the situation and took all of the clothes I was planning on bringing and threw them on my bed.

It is hard to see the whole other layer of clothes under my wetsuit…  So I took all of the clothes and arranged them into piles: shirts, shorts/pants, dresses/skirts, pj’s.  I looked through each pile and took out items that were similar to the next.  I then put together outfits in my head (I normally would have tried on outfits but I was too lazy tonight).  Once I decided “I would wear this for sure” and “why am I bringing a wetsuit….” I eliminated several items and condensed them into my suitcase.  I then organized all my electronics with their accompanying chargers and memory cards and packed them up in my carry-on bag (the floral number you see here).  When I go to the airport I usually have my purse and throw it into the big carry-on.

I could have done better but..I am not just going on a vacation where I can wear the same outfit over and over.  If it was just Georgia I could probably do with just a carry-on but if I only have one week to spend with my boyfriend who sees me on Skype with no makeup on, greasy hair and baggy t-shirts, I want to look impossibly ravishing each and every day that I actually do get to see him.
That’s all for now, folks.  Can’t wait to update on the road and throughout my trip!

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