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Orlando, Florida Packing List

January 30, 2017

When my college roommate told me last year that she was getting married, I was ecstatic for her and her fiancé!   I was happy I would get to see them and our other college friends and an added bonus was that Mike and I would be able to make the remaining 1.5 days our own Mini-Vacay!

Mike and I wanted to save costs where we could, so we decided to buy our very first luggage together and share it for our trip.  I will be the first to say that there was a lot of anxiety wondering how I would fit all of my stuff in HALF of a luggage (especially my evening gown/heels and clutch), but we made it work and are so happy that we saved a significant amount by doing so!  We also bought a luggage scale –  once we packed everything, we made sure we were about 5 pounds under the baggage limit so that we would be able to bring back souvenirs.

If I could give one tip that I took away from this packing experience, it would be this: I know that you want to pack 2 swimsuits, several coverups and all of your cute floral dresses for your Florida vacation, but KEY is to be realistic with what (and how many) outfits you are going to wear.  Try everything on before hand to help decide exactly what top you want to wear with what pants.  It is so tempting to bring options, but if you are tight on space – this will really save you in the long run. 

Without further ado, here is what I packed for my Orlando, Florida Vacation.

When choosing your airport outfit, be strategic.  Choose pieces that you can incorporate throughout the weekend.

  • Wear your bulkiest shoes so it frees up more room in your luggage.
  • Wear leggings or jeans that will keep you warm on the plane – you will be happy that you did in case of unexpected colder weather, you can throw them under a dress if need be.
  • Wear a light jacket – for the same reasons as above.
  • Wear a top that you could wear again during the trip if needed – I usually end up wearing the top again for running to the drugstore or something casual that I otherwise hadn’t wanted to take up space in my luggage for.

We knew that we would be dressing up the following day for the Black Tie Wedding and we also knew that we would be eating seafood likely in a beachy type setting so we opted for a casual but polished look.  After buying this adorable Kate Spade Watermelon Clutch, I  happened upon a Mens watermelon shirt in the exact style shirt that Mike loves to wear.  It was a match made in heaven and whenever we wear the matching look, it is a hit.  I wore a comfortable black dress with flat gold sandals and my novelty Watermelon Clutch and Mike wore his watermelon shirt, khaki shorts and boat shoes.  This doubled as a going-out outfit afterwards because it was the perfect in-between of not-too-dressy by not-too-casual.


Knowing that I wouldnt have too much time by the pool, I only brought one swimsuit and made it one that I would be comfortable walking around in.  I also brought one swimsuit cover up that doubled as a brunch dress and of course paired my white floppy hat and big sunglasses with the outfit.



Black Tie Wedding

For Erin & Nate’s wedding, I opted for a BCBG evening gown, paired with silver crystal heels and another one of my Kate Spade novelty clutches, this one being a piano keyboard clutch.  Mike wore a black suit, with a pocket square.


I planned my outfit very strategically for Disneyworld – I wanted to look cute as I knew Mike and I would be taking pictures at every country, but I also wanted to be comfortable.  I went with a comfortable black off-the-shoulder dress from H&M and wore a skort (GAP) underneath so that I would be able to hop, skip and jump around freely (I was very glad I did for the times we squatted on pavement when no chairs were available).  I wore the same flats that I had worn on the plane – I have worn these several times while on my feet all day so I knew that they would be the best choice for Disney (other than gym shoes, of course.  those just wouldnt go with my outfit).  Around Halloween, I had bought the Minnie Mouse ears at Walgreens.  Mike and I both wore our “Drink Around the World” Passport Lanyards which pair perfectly with any outfit. Mike wore his comfiest go-to khaki shorts, boat shoes and button down shirt.

I still cant believe that we were able to fit all of the above into our one luggage!

What was your favorite outfit?  Sounds off in the comments below!


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