February 28, 2014
Working at Nordstrom provides many luxuries, the best is the discount and style inspiration.
Lately I have been trying to dress the part and steer away from treating my work outfits like a uniform and aim to really express my style through what I wear.  I often get lazy and wear my go-to leggings, long sleeve tee (that I have in 7 different colors) and accessorize with a fun scarf and accessories.
Today I threw some recent purchases together for a laid-back but stylish outfit.
The blazer I am wearing I purchased some time ago at Akira, but here is a similar one Three Pocket Blazer by Trouve.  Item # 685492
The top I am wearing is a Lush Faux Wrap Woven Camisole.  We got this in last week and have sold out of every color except this blue.  I was unsure of how it would fit on my body type but I think it’s so cute and for $30, it’s a steal.  Item # 481692
The jeans I’m wearing are a brand called Jolt– if you haven’t tried them on, I suggest you do.  They are stretchy and perfect for any body type.  Item # 678577
The clutch I am carrying is a Kate Spade– it is no longer on the website but sometimes it gets featured in her flash sales.
I am super excited for tomorrow’s outfit!  I just got my Astr Romper in the mail and I am IN LOVE.
When the weather gets warmer I will definitely be rocking the romper by itself with these Burberry heels, but for tomorrow I am going to pair it with a pair of Kate Spade rhinestone tights, high boots and this killer BCNU Mixed Media blazer I picked up yesterday.

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  • Reply Brittany Dill February 28, 2014 at 4:45 am

    Hi, new follower here! Super cute outfits, love the clutch! 🙂

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