One (wo)man’s trash…

August 20, 2013

It is very late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and I have been restless all night so I started organizing things to ease my mind.  Of course I got completely distracted when I noticed a shelf in my jewelry box that had a few charms in it– this shelf is not only costume jewelry but tangled junk, things that I will never wear again but I keep “just incase”.  Instead of just grabbing the charms out of there and putting the rest of the junk back I decided to salvage anything and everything I could  possibly repurpose!  Two purple thumbs and tired eyes later I came up with a plate of some pretty great trinkets and charms.  I organized them and put them into little baggies and put them in a box to work with on my road trip to Georgia.

Here is one repurpose I did that was so simple!
The bangles originally had these charms all over them (below) which made them sort of cheesy and tacky.  Without the charms, the bangles look more expensive and elegant.  Some of the charms separately are great and I will definitely be using them for other projects.

I’m super excited to see how many projects I put together from a night of rummaging through what I thought was trash!

Tip:  If you have old jewelry that has broken clasps or a broken chain, don’t throw it away or tuck it away in junk drawer if you once loved it!  Most people don’t realize how easy something like that is to fix without having to go to a jeweler.  I will put a few tutorials up here in September about how to salvage broken or “trash” jewelry.  Like the saying goes…one man’s trash it another man’s treasure.  Sometime’s you just have to look at it in a different light!

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