How to Host a Spectacular NYE Night-In

December 29, 2016

At the start of 2016, I reflected on the year prior, thinking of everything that I had accomplished in 2015; I received a promotion, The Global Chameleon took off, I fell madly in love, I quit smoking and I was offered my dream job.  2015 had set me up for an incredible 2016, so what better way to begin the year than a spectacular night-in with my main man. 

If you’re looking to get away from the $100 drink packages that never live up to their expectations, cozy up with your man and gather some inspiration from my New Years Eve staycation.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 11.24.09 PM

If you have an empty house to use, you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars.  If you don’t, get out of dodge.  Go somewhere local, but not touristy.  Check out flight fares and browse AirBnB before booking a hotel.  If you are thinking to yourself “I don’t have the money to travel”, think about how much you were just about to throw down on a NYE Package, cab fare and most likely hotel.

We picked a suite in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that has some fantastic amenities; a jacuzzi, fully-equipped kitchen, living room and a balcony overlooking Geneva Lake.  Just add confetti.


Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 11.24.14 PM

The advantage of a NYE Night-In is you can wear whatever your heart desires!  My heart desired a sequin dress, black leggings, bootie heels, some fabulous hair and makeup and a sparkly NYE Tiara.  For when the clock strikes midnight -PJs, bare feet and a NYE Tiara.


Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 11.24.21 PM

It’s not NYE without adding some sparkle and glitz!  

Original_Farima-Alavi-champagne-flute-and-glass-bead-tight-shot_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.822Glitter your own champagne flutes

and champagne bottles

peruse amazon for DIY photo booth backdrops like this one, $5.95


add balloons

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 9.37.24 PM
or pick up a banner like this one from Target, $5


Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 11.24.25 PM

The best part about a NYE Night-In is avoiding reservations, obnoxious wait times and crowds of people.  Keep it casual with some delivered grub or whip up a home cooked meal.  We searched for a hotel suite that had a fully-equipped kitchen so that we could cook our own meal together.


Keep it light if you’re having a large meal, but do snack throughout the duration of the night to avoid a pesky hangover


try these adorable tuxedo cheese & crackers

these super easy wonton cups (you can fill winton cups with anything)

or these crostinis


Throw together some shrimp cocktails


9340669de26bd4b192dd90f94a510d38it is NYE, go all out!



Keep in mind that there is a large gap between dinner and midnight, so make sure to either nibble on appetizers throughout the night or stock your freezer with a few late-night bites.  Slip into some PJ’s, preheat the oven and scarf down your pizza with a few glasses of water before bed, you’ll thank yourself in the AM!



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    Nice piece!!
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    Happy New Year!!

    Very proud of you, and all the positives you’ve earned and have been blessed by!

    Fake Plastic Trees!

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