Noah’s Guide to Chicago

October 6, 2013

I am having a visitor this month- my good friend Noah!  Noah has never been to Chicago and I want to make sure that he gets to see everything it has to offer in the short period of time he is here.  I have compiled a list of places that I have in mind but I need your help!  While living in the city I regret not doing as many touristy things as I should have!  Anyone have any spots not on this list that are a must-see?  Here is what I have come up with customized to Noah.

Lou Malnatis

2 Words: Deep Dish
& Noah loves pizza!
Gene & Judes

French fries on your hot dog?  Def worth the usual wait!
Sears Tower Skydeck

I have yet to walk on the Skydeck but I hear it is a favorite among tourists.  The price is steep at $18 for General Admission.  I remember trying to go to the SkyDeck once and I just wasn’t okay with the several hour wait but who knows what it’s like now a days- worth a try!
Navy Pier
Ferris wheel, view of Lake Michigan, entertainment, shopping etc.  I think I read somewhere that this is the number one tourist spot in Chicago.
Six Flags Great America

(Gurnee, Illinois) This is a good attraction for people who have never been to a Six Flags, enjoy roller coasters and want a solid day of fun and laughter.  $32.50 for admission plus $22 parking.
Museum of Science & Industry

There are many different museums we could go to, but the Museum of Science & Industry might be one Noah would prefer.  At $27 for admission and who-knows-how-much in parking costs, it is more than I’d like to spend but I also haven’t been there since I was young and I think Noah would enjoy it!
I also heard of CityPASS which would be ideal if we wanted to do a day full of attractions- the Museum of Science & Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck, The Field Museum and the Art Institute.  That is $89 per person for all 5.
The Violet Hour/Wicker Park

I’d love to take Noah to Wicker Park to show him more of what I would do on my nights out in the city- walking along Milwaukee or North Ave and ordering different drink specials and popping in different bars.  I definitely want to show him The Violet Hour- a little known lounge in Wicker Park conveniently located off the Damen Blue Line.  There is no sign, no advertisements, just a spray painted wall with a door and when you walk in well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.  The above pictures don’t really do it justice.  All of the drinks are custom cocktails and they are all delicious, This is a great spot to just grab a cocktail or two.
Grant Park/Millenium Park

My old stomping grounds!  Just 2 short blocks from my old apartment..  I loved it because it was so accessible but as a tourist spot unless there is a concert, it may just be like any old park.  It would be fun to swing around there driving or to do an afternoon picnic.
Michigan Avenue
I’m not sure that Noah would want to necessarily shop but you get an idea of the city walking down Michigan Avenue, especially on a beautiful fall or winter evening!  I was so fortunate to have worked right next to the Ritz Carlton and had a true downtown experience on most of my days.  Water Tower Place is a mall like any other that is just cool to see and we could pop into any of the restaurants over there.  I know someone would suggest The Signature Room- a restaurant where you get the best views of the city while you dine but my experience was less than stellar.  You pay for the view.

I haven’t tried out either ride share/car service yet and have been extremely interested to do so especially if we take public transit into the city.  If Noah hasn’t experienced a taxi ride I’d like to show him but Uber is a town car service that always has promo codes and make a fare the amount of a taxi if not cheaper and Lyft is a car share service that goes by a suggested donation.  Either one would be different ways of transport that would probably be pretty cool for him to see.

Ivanhoe Country Club

I want to keep things pretty modest but I have to give him the Ivanhoe Club experience one night since he lives in a country club out in Georgia.  Plus, their filet and cappuccino is to die for!
I could go through every neighborhood and find some awesome place I’d want to show him but we have to stay feasible and chances are he will only be here for a few days.  Any other suggestions throughout the Chicagoland area would be fantastic.  🙂
Also, if any of my lovely city friends are reading this and want to put us up for a night- we would be delighted 🙂

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