Paradisus Resort, Playa Del Carmen

April 15, 2015
We arrived to our beautiful hotel in Playa Del Carmen and could not believe our eyes.  We were in paradise at last!
We checked in to the hotel and explored our equally gorgeous room complete with a kitchen/dining room, living room, bedroom, and a huge balcony with a bathtub on it.  Is this real life?


It wasn’t long before we had our pool gear on and were out the door to find all of our friends who had arrived the day before.
After we located our friends we had some “Welcome” tequila shots and pina coladas and got accustomed to our new residence for the next couple of days.  Paradisus Resort, Playa Del Carmen- I love you.



For our pool-side lunch we ordered a “Cesar’s Wrap”.  These wraps were absolutely delicious and I ended up ordering them every time we went to the pool.  I have developed somewhat of an addiction to avocados, so the side of guac served on the side made them even better!


After meeting new people, socializing and swimming, it was time to get ready for our first dinner out!

Though completely exhausted from our travels that same day, we got dressed to the nines and headed out to Hadar for a buffet dinner.  Toasts were made and laughs were shared.  I couldn’t believe I was with my best friends in Mexico.

Our next stop was Gabi where we would dance our tooshes off and continue with tequila shots!

As us girls slowly started fading, we went back to the hotel room, changed in our pajamas and said goodnight to Mexico.

Until Morning….

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