NEX, Beach & Relaxation

August 31, 2013

I was so delighted to wake up today next to Kevin and know that he didn’t need to go into work today.  I went into the kitchen and started preparing him an omelette with some onions, tomatoes, potatoes, a little seasoning and a couple leftover sweet potato fries on the side.  After breakfast we started getting ready for our fun day that we had planned for shopping at the Navy Exchange and fun at the beach .

At the Navy Exchange I got to see what all the fuss was about.  It was essentially one big department store that I related to Sears and Macy’s put together.  They have a few designer brands such as Coach and Michael Kors which I could see loving if I was in the market to buy but I wasn’t really looking to shop for anything except for a few Navy t-shirts which we found at a little Navy apparel specialty store in the Navy Exchange.
A “Navy Girlfriend” t-shirt, a hot pink NAVY t-shirt, a Navy athletic dept yoga jacket, a Navy keychain, a Navy car decal and Navy water bottle later, I think I have all the essentials for a proper Navy Girlfriend.
After the NEX Kevin took me to the Dam Neck base- unfortunately he couldn’t take me as far back as he works but I was at least able to get an idea.  While there we found out that his roommate would be coming home that day and needing his car back (we had been borrowing it as Kevin’s is in the shop).  We went over to a Enterprise and picked up a Dodge Avenger for the two of us to drive for the duration of my trip.  It is silly and cheesy but I thought it was so cute that it was a car that we shared.
Here is our beauty
Since we had to pick up Kevin’s roommate, it put a bit of a damper into the big beach day we had planned but we squeezed as much fun in the day as possible.  Later in the day we had went to Virginia Beach where I finally got to see what all the fuss was about!  The beach was beautiful and the boardwalk was much longer than I expected!  We stopped at The Lighthouse Restaurant for some grub where we had a nice view of the ocean.  
We walked out on the beach and looked around some of the shops and held hands, it was perfect.
On the way home we stopped at Kroger to pick up some wine and beer for the weekend- I bought a bottle of SEQUIN Moscato (SO delicious) as well as a bottle of Skinny Vine Moscato (good, but nothing to write home about–the only upside was that it had 90 calories per glass).
Once we got home and poured our wine (for me) and beer (for him) we sat on the balcony and just talked for hours.  One thing about Kevin and I is we don’t talk a whole lot about personal things.  More recently we have which I am glad and I am so happy that we were able to just talk for hours so comfortably.  It was a really great day.

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