Care Package

My First Care Package to Afghanistan

March 9, 2014
Before Kevin deployed to Afghanistan I had a ton of care package ideas but since Kevin asked me last week to pick up a few things for him, I kept this first package practical.  I don’t want to send him a bunch of junk that he has to lug home.
The essentials: shorts, 7 t-shirts for work and a bottle of sriracha per request!
Since i’m not sending it out until Monday and have a little bit of room left in the box I wanted to add a few fun things.  My nieces came over with their other cousin so we had arts & crafts time and they were so excited at the idea of writing a letter and coloring pictures.
They picked out the pictures they wanted to color and Alexis wrote “I hop you will be ok” on her “army truck”.  

Angelina told me what to write for her and she came up with “Thank you for protecting our country.  I like you.”
This was had me choke up a little…Alexis wrote “Thank you for loving my aunt.  Good job for protecting us”…..I cant even.
All I gotta say is I have the best nieces in the world…..and my boyfriend is pretty great too.  I’ll be getting more creative with the care packages after this and once I get the hang of this whole flat rate box to Afghanistan deal!

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