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My day at Asha Salon & Spa

August 20, 2013
Awhile back I had purchased a deal I found on Groupon for Asha Salon & Spa.  I had been to Asha before but only for a manicure and pedicure and jumped at the chance to try out their spa at a discount.  I am always needing a facial to battle those stubborn whiteheads so I decided to book a pre-vacation spa day for an Aveda 60 Minute Lavender Massage and an Aveda 30 Minute Customized Jojoba Infused Facial.
I arrived at the spa early and was shown in to my changing room where I was to get into a robe and slip on a pair of spa slippers.  I was then lead to the waiting area to relax before my services.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like sitting in spa waiting rooms.  I just don’t have the patience to sit there and sip my lemon water in “peace”.  I was hoping they would have magazines but the only thing I saw were some small books about relaxation.  I twiddled my thumbs and awkwardly would smile at the other lady in the waiting room when we locked eyes and after what seemed like an eternity, I was taken back to start my massage.  The woman who did my massage was great at her job.  She was polite and also cared about what she was doing.  I used to work at a spa so I know that when there was ever a deal running, the technicians wouldn’t give 100% and they would always act put-out.  Both of my technicians didn’t seem to let the fact that I was using a Groupon effect their performance and I was grateful for that.
My massage began with a warm foot soak as the massage table was being heated up and from the second I put my feet into the foot bath I was in heaven.  She dried my feet and instructed me to lay on my tummy and put the covers over me.  When she came back in the room she began at my feet.  She massaged my feet and my entire leg and to my surprise the bottom of my buttocks!  I giggled when she first did it and told her I was ticklish and I could feel my legs muscles loosening up, it was divine!  She asked me what sports I play and I told her I don’t really play any, but I have recently been working out a lot.  She said my leg muscles were insane, she figured I played sports all my life.  That guaranteed her 20% tip right there (haha).  I told her my problem areas and she made sure to work out all the knots and concentrate on what I had wanted, not just following the generic massage routine.  I was extremely pleased!  I walked out of the room feeling like a zombie when my esthetician for my facial grabbed me and lead me into the room where I would be given my facial.  She sat me down and went through any allergies I had or medications I am taking, what my skin problems are and what my goal is for this facial.  She was very thorough to make sure I got everything I wanted in my 30-minute facial.  Before everything she did she would say what she was doing which I appreciated because a lot of times in facial they throw the hot towel on your face or spray mist and it surprises you when you are in a relaxing state of mind. Not pleasant.  She made sure to explain it all and answer any questions I had.  I asked specifically for extractions and she did an awesome job and the length of the facial was perfect.  Neither of them tried to sell me on any products which was awesome because I hate feeling pressured to buy something when I am trying to have a relaxing day.
After my facial was through, I put my clothes back on and felt like a million bucks.  I was so relaxed and so pleased with both of my services.  I made sure to find out how much the services cost at the original price so that I could tip them 20% on the full service.  I will definitely be back!
You can check out the Asha Salon and Spa website here to find a location close to you and make sure to check back every month as they run some great monthly specials!

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