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My Birthday Weekend & Nordstrom

February 23, 2014

My 25th Birthday was Friday (queue the balloons and confetti) but this year was different for several reasons.  Kevin had went back to Virginia at the beginning of the week so I was left in a bit of a funk and had to readjust to going back to work after having a week off doing nothing but cuddling, smooching, relaxing and eating.
The night before my birthday I was desperately trying to prepare for an interview I had the next morning at Nordstrom while trying to chase away a cold that I knew was coming..I have worked at Nordstrom for almost 4 months now and with very hard work and dedication I have established these duties in just the short time I’ve been there:

  • Sales Associate in the BP Department
  • Recently promoted to accessory Striker in the BP Department (managing the accessories of our department- merching, product knowledge, motivating the team etc)
  • On-call photographer (different projects, photographs to accompany articles etc)
  • Editor of our store website and specifically owning the “Top Story” column of our page
  • Owner of the “Video’s We Love” web part on our website
  • Collaborating with our store manager on production of videos for our website
  • Social Media Contributor (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Web Team Contributor
You can say that my life is pretty much all things Nordstrom right now.  I was advised to apply for a Future Nordstrom Leader course that is a fast track to getting promoted and mainly becoming a manager.  I know that I want to grow with the company and I’ve been happy with the things I have been doing and the people that I work with so I thought that this course would be right for me…only problem, it is a very prestigious program and highly competitive.  I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get it, but I wont necessarily be surprised.  So on my birthday I went in for a company meeting and afterwards I had my interview.  The entire time I felt myself getting sicker and sicker.  I thought the interview went well, but I noticed where my flaws were and things that I could have fixed.  I am trying not to think about it too much, I will find out next Friday.
I went home afterwards, took a nap and struggled as we went out to celebrate at Benihana.  I have been in bed ever since Friday night sick as a dog!  Luckily I have the next two days off to recover, unluckily my birthday weekend was a bust!

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