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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date & Gift Ideas

February 13, 2017

To some, Valentines Day is a grand celebration equipped with a candlelight dinner, a bouquet of roses and chocolates almost too pretty to eat.  To others, it is just another day of the year – as some would say, a “Hallmark Holiday”.
To me, every day is worth celebrating when you are with the one that you love so tomorrow is just another opportunity to celebrate “us” (and an excuse to eat surf & turf).

Whether you are staying in and cooking in your pajamas, going out for a fancy feast, or haven’t even started planning, here are some great last minute Date & Gift Ideas via yours truly.

Last-Minute Date Ideas

French-Themed Date Night

If you know me, you know I love a good themed date night.  If you are stumped on what to make or just want to do something easy, just throw a theme on a basic dish!  Last night we decided to make Chicken Parmesan so we turned it into “Italian Night” and opened a bottle of red wine and watched The Godfather.  See my French-Themed Date Night post above and how I whipped this together after a long day of work.

Similarly, you can opt for a ..

Hawaiian Themed Date Night

This one only involves ordering carryout and popping by the Dollar Store for some Hawaiian decor and accessories!  If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can make your own Sushi at home! (read on for more)

DIY Sushi

My recent favorite date night.  Don’t let the idea of making your own Sushi intimidate you – it is easier than it looks!  

Surf & Turf

My “NYE Night In” post works with any fancy date night – Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday etc.  Significantly cheaper than going out, you can make your own fancy feast at home (in PJs or opt to still dress up), grab some decor to make it more special, cuddle up on your couch for a movie and you just saved yourself a few hundred bucks.  This is what we will be doing for this years Valentine’s Day!

At-Home Beer Tasting

No matter what you do for dinner, you can always end the night (or start it) with an At-Home Beer Tasting.  Print out the FREE Beer Tasting Mat and Beer Tasting Notes Cards and grab a Build-Your-Own 6-Pack on the way home!


Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Chocolate & Champagne Pineapple

If I had the time to make one of these for every person I know for every occasion, I would.  I think this is such a clever, thoughtful and cute idea – plus, who doesnt love champagne and chocolates

Customized Wine Bottle Label

Another great gift that is perfect for any occasion.  Just add a picture and text, print and stick!  

Magazine Subscription

There is a magazine for any and every interest so this is a no-fail gift.



No matter what you end up doing or what you end up gifting, enjoy your time with the ones you love!



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