La Quinta Avenida and Pre-Wedding Festivities

April 23, 2015

Our Saturday in Mexico was action packed full of adventures.  I have to say that I wish we had more time in Mexico to really see the sights and immerse ourselves in the culture but we did make the best out of the time that we had.

We started our day off with breakfast at the Hadar Buffet and then relaxed at the pool, basking in the sun and ordering drinks from the swim-up bar.  We indulged in mimosas and Hayley and I did water aerobics (Mimosa in hand) before planning out our day.

After the pool, the Bridal Party met up in the Romance Office to begin our Rehearsal of the Wedding Ceremony on the beach. (Many selfie-stick-pics were taken)
 During the rehearsal we saw that our new friends, Zack and Lauren, were paddle boarding on the beach.
This is when I thought to myself: Today, I am going to check something off my bucket list.
After an amazing experience Kayaking in the ocean, we decided to go to the heart of town to
La Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) and check out the Shopping District.
Most of the shops were similar to this souveneir shop, and you would also find the shops with handmade jewelry, art, and decor.
The Blackhawks and other American sports teams were very prominent in shops, with the colors and logo’s slightly off.
 Street performers walked the streets
and creepy mannequins stood outside the higher end clothing boutiques
I remember a few years back the necklaces with your name on a piece of rice were all the rage.  It seems that the new thing is friendship style bracelets customized with your name on them.
While in the La Quinta Avenida Shopping District, I ran in to a waiter who served us the night before and he showed me his “mama’s shop”.  I bought a beautiful turtle made of Onyx and Mother of Pearl, and picked up some souvenir’s for my little nieces.
We took a taxi back to the resort and hurried to get dressed for our rehearsal dinner reservation at Naos where we would start our evening of absolute fun!  We sat at a table with some really awesome people and got to know everyone.  I ordered a Bahama Mama and mi amigos kept em’ coming!
The conversations were flowing as we made new friends and continued making memories with old ones.  It was one of those nights that you regret having no pictures of, but you also know that it must have meant you were having a really good time.

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