Kid-Friendly Ghost DIY

October 6, 2013

My little nieces came over today right as the thunderstorm was hitting my neighborhood- large gusts of wind, an enormous amount of rain fall and even a couple minutes worth of hail.

Since we couldn’t play outside, I decided to set up our craft station.
I printed out sheets of crafts that I wanted to try with the girls and asked them what they wanted to make.  It was then I realized I misplaced my entire collection of acrylic paints.  All of the crafts I wanted to teach them (including pumpkin painting) called for paints!  We worked with what we had and decided to make some kid friendly ghosts!
What you’ll need:
  • Scraps of fabric or an old bed sheet
  • Ribbon (Orange looks best)
  • Googley Eyes (sharpie works alright too, but googley eyes look much better!
  • Filling
  • Scissors
  • Lollipop Stick (optional)

Have your child (with adult supervision) cut out a scrap of fabric to desired size
Form a small ball with filling and if desired, place lollipop stick in the middle

Tie a ribbon at the bottom of the filling
Draw/glue on eyes
Voila!  Alexis thought her ghost had a little too much fabric so she trimmed hers down

I chose to use some travel stamp fabric to make a “traveling ghost” – again, googley eyes would have made this look 10 times better!

These are easy enough to make that older kids can make them themselves (with scissors supervision of course) and my nieces had fun playing with them. Throw on some pretty ribbon and glue on some eyes and they’ll look even better!

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