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Kevin’s *Welcome Back to the USA* Party

August 18, 2013

Kevin moved back to the United States in June to start his new command in Virginia so I threw him a “Welcome Back to the USA” party of epic proportions.  Check it out.
The first order of planning was the cake- how can you have a party without a cake?! amiright?
What I knew was that Kevin loves cake pops so I decided to go that route and go the extra mile to make a cake pop display as well.
I started off with a wooden boat shelf from Hobby Lobby ($7.99)
I removed the drawer and spray painted the entire thing black.  I then free handed “USS” followed by his last name using white acrylic paint.  I bought a square piece of foam (to stick the cake pops into) that I modified to fit in the opening of the boat and spray painted that black as well.
The day before the party I baked the cake pops and decorated them with red and white chocolate and red, white and blue sprinkles.  I then took clear bakers baggies, fit them over the cake pops and tied them with red and blue ribbon.  I stuck the cake pops in the foam, put some crinkle paper around the foam and put some mints in the back of the boat.
  Here is the result:
I love it! So much better than a personalized cake.
The next order of business were the cupcakes.  These turned out more awesome than I had hoped.  I was so delighted to walk into Target and pick up so many great finds that matched the nautical/america theme!  I used a cake decorating tool to apply the white frosting and added the same red, white and blue sprinkles that I used for the cake pops.  I then stuck anchor toothpicks in the cupcakes and cut up a few red and blue paper straws to place in there as well.  They were so yummy!  I scored square anchor dessert plates that couldn’t have been more perfect and paired them with american flag cocktail napkins!
I baked a pan of lasagna and some other little snacks and served a tray of yogurt with strawberries and blueberries.  I just love the mini serving cups and mini spoons!  Party City has all kinds of mini tasting party accessories and they are constantly sending out coupons.  
Of course we had to set up a beer pong table so I kept with the theme and bought a blue tablecloth and alternated red and blue cups.
The party was a blast and I gave myself a huge pat on the back afterwards!  The nautical theme is so fun to play around with!
Comments, questions, concerns?!  Leave me somethin’ below 🙂

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