I gave an entire range of emotions, hyperventilated and then.. I said “yes!” – The Proposal

April 4, 2017

Mike and I wanted to take a weekend getaway to finish off his Spring Break so Thursday night we headed to Milwaukee where we had some good eats, good beer and I surprised Mike with tickets to see his favorite band play at the Riverside Theater.  Little did I know he had a surprise in store for me as well..  Friday morning we drove to Door County, Wisconsin- just 2.5 hours from Milwaukee where we had rented a beautiful 3-bedroom cabin in the middle of the woods.  We weren’t sure what to expect but WOW – we were in heaven when we walked in!

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While originally we had planned on getting a hotel in Door County, once we saw the Door County Cottages we couldn’t help but think – THIS IS SO US.  Before meeting Mike, I had never been a camper or would consider myself an outdoorsy type person, but he has opened my eyes to so many new things while remaining true to who I am and that is a special part of our relationship.  The first time we went camping together was so much fun and he made sure I was comfortable the entire time.  We have been on countless camping trips since where I have made them even more fun (and comfortable) for myself by bringing a little luxury into camping – ie. an air mattress, camping toilet, pop-up changing get the idea.  It was sort of shocking that we hadn’t rented a cabin before because it was the perfect in-between for us.

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We spent Friday visiting wineries, exploring the town and made reservations for the legendary Door County Fish Boil..

The Door County Fish Boil is a culinary tradition dating back to the early settlers of Door County – the freshly caught Lake Michigan whitefish is caught by local fishermen and cooked outside over an open fire, just as it was one hundred years ago by the Scandinavian settlers of the Peninsula. The fish is cut in chunks and cooked in boiling water with small red potatoes.  Salt is the only spice used. Fish oils rise to the surface of the boiling cauldron, and when the fish is perfectly done, the Master Boiler tosses a small amount of kerosene on the flames under the pot – this giant burst of flames cause the boilover, leaving the fish perfectly done, steaming and ready to serve.  The chefs then bring in the pot and dish it out for you to enjoy.  This is then followed by a slice of cherry pie, another Door County tradition.  This experience was so unique and the food was delicious!  We split a bottle of wine and decided it was time to go back to the cabin, throw on some comfy clothes and sit by the fire!

Once we arrived back to the cabin, I put on several layers of clothing from my suitcase in preparation for our campfire as the temperature outside had dropped.  I put on a Cubs World Series Champions hat with a giant fluff ball on the top of it and had my ratty sweatpants tucked halfway into my rain boots.  Maximum comfort and warmth!  Mike said I looked cute and made a joke about how I looked like a homeless person.  I was fiddling with the music inside when Mike yelled inside that the campfire was ready so I grabbed two camping mugs, filled them with water for us and walked outside.  Right outside the door I saw a piece of firewood in front of me that said “Can I Ash you a Question?”.  My heart started beating faster.  I walked forward to find another piece of firewood, “Wood You?”….

and right behind that piece of firewood, Mike looked at me and said “Cristine Burklin…..” that’s when I knew exactly what was about to happen.  “Will you marry me?”.  I dropped the coffee mugs on the ground and began stripping my hat and scarf off for better range of motion to hug my FIANCE.  I couldn’t speak, then I started hyperventilating, then I started screaming, then I cried, and finally I said “YES!”

Mike must have taken note a few months ago when I had talked about how I always wanted to try the Veuve Clicquot champagne because he took out the bottle of it he had chilling in the cooler and we toasted to our next chapter together…  I put my phone away and that night the world only revolved around him and I.

We spent the following day on a beautiful hike, visiting more wineries and enjoying our last night in the cabin together – anxiously awaiting telling our family and friends.

I can’t believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.


-The Future Mrs. Kedzie


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    Excellent blog and story of a beautiful romance! Cristine is a unique writer and narrator. She adds humor and education in her stories. I enjoyed reading it and I learned something about Scandinavian food!

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