I’m back!

October 4, 2017

I renewed my website back in April and as I looked back on it and all that I have built, I thought – there are so many blogs out there in this day and age, what makes mine so unique?  Then I remembered, I’m not trying to compete for an audience, I’m simply doing what I enjoy the most – sharing my voice, my creative projects and giving myself the medium that I have always loved.

The last entry I wrote was about my proposal and since then so much has happened.  I am a fiancé and this is the best time of my entire life.  Shortly after getting engaged, I applied for a promotion that I received and have been working hard at work, every weekend of the summer I had some festival or celebration and I have been wedding planning!

People often hear “wedding planning” and it comes off as *stressful* and how can it not be?  But I have to say, I fricken’ LOVE it.

Before Mike and I moved in together (over a year now!), I made an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs; I tracked every expense we purchased, I made a floor plan of our apartment before we moved in to decide how I was going to decorate and what would fit, I scouted out deals and tracked when the things we wanted were going on sale and one of the best things I did to organize was as I packed I created a list of what was in each box so that I knew what room each box went into and what I needed to unpack when.

Wedding planning has been the same, but elevated.  I have so much to share about the process of wedding planning, and I plan to share it all via The Global Chameleon soon.  I wanted to share an update on my life and say that I am still here!  I still plan on growing The Global Chameleon and building on it.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey.  I cant wait to share these moments with you of the very best times of my life.

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