12 Days of DIY Ornaments- Day 12: Hand-Painted Ornaments

December 12, 2015

On the 12th day of Christmas
The Global Chameleon Presents to you:
Hand-Painted Ornaments
a Dried Flower Ornament
a Snowman Ornament
a Reindeer Ornament
a Salt Dough Ornament
a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornament
a Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament
Peanuts Ornament
a Kid-Friendly Glitter Ornament
a Scrapbook Ornament 

a Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament &
An Inside Out Ornament


12 Days of DIY Christmas Ornaments- Day 12: Hand-Painted Ornaments

The most fun I had with making my own ornaments was being able to think of a cartoon I loved, pulling up a picture of it and just freehand painting it on the ornament.  I was shocked at how great the ornaments turned out.  I may be crafty, but drawing/painting is definitely not my strong suit- this goes to show you that anyone can create these beautifully unique ornaments.


All of these ornaments required the same few supplies.  This makes a great craft for a classroom or group of children/adults as a little goes a long way!

  • Craft Ornament
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush

Each of these ornaments all started the same.  Pick the color your character is and squirt a quarter size of the color into the ornament, rotate the ornament (kid-friendly) or stick your finger in the hole and shake the ornament until the color fills the inside entirely.  Flip upside down into a shot glass or dixie cup and let paint drain/dry overnight.  Now you’re ready to paint!



Chip & Dale, Rescue Rangers

TIP: Start with basic shapes and take each feature one step at a time.  For Chip & Dale, I started with their light brown fur, I then added the white for the eyes and mouth, then the nose, the eyes, and then the details around the face.  Let dry in between coats and do at least 2 coats.

A really great tip for beginners especially is to start by drawing the character on the ornament with a Sharpie.  Keep nail polish remover and a cotton ball handy- if you mess up using the Sharpie, simply wipe the Sharpie off with a nail polish remover soaked cotton ball.  Once you’re satisfied with how you drew the character, begin painting over the Sharpie (you can see in my first picture of Stitch, I used Sharpie and painted over it).


Stitch from Lilo & Stitch


Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc


The Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas


My elderly dog, Cocoa is notorious for his tongue sticking out of his mouth and licking everything. So naturally, I had to paint him on an ornament.

While watching TV, I started free-handing a snowman, then added a tree and it really turned out well.  This is a great ornament that takes less time to make than it looks like it would.  The back side I left unpainted, and ended up painting on my aunt’s family name to give for a Christmas gift.


After painting but before gifting, let your ornaments dry upside down once more.  You’d be surprised how much paint gathers in your ornaments if you don’t leave a sufficient amount of time for them to dry.

Attach a fun ribbon to the cap of your ornaments and their ready to hang/gift!


Thanks for following 12 Days of DIY Christmas Ornaments on The Global Chameleon and have a Merry Christmas!

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