12 Days of DIY Ornaments- Day 4: Kid-Friendly Glitter Ornament

December 4, 2015

On the fourth day of Christmas
The Global Chameleon Presents to you:
a Kid-Friendly Glitter Ornament
a Scrapbook Ornament 

A Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament &
An Inside Out Ornament


2nd Day of Christmas: DIY Kid-Friendly Glitter Ornament

I was at Target a few weeks ago and as I stood in line to buy my glitter Reindeer stocking holder, I kept dusting it off my pants and wiping it away from my cheeks.  As I got up to the counter, the women asked me if I was making a return, assuming I would be returning this glitter-shedding beauty.  “Nope, buying!”, I proclaimed.  We proceeded to have a 15 minute conversation about glitter being OK during the Holidays–it’s expected, and somehow brings less annoyance in the month of December.

If you pull out your ornaments and Christmas decor bins and it doesn’t look like Tinkerbell threw up in them, you’re not doing Christmas right.

That being said, who knows a kid who doesn’t like glitter always?  I have the perfect kid-friendly glitter ornament for you to make today with supplies on hand!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Glue Stick
  • Glitter
  • Craft Ornament
  • Bowl

1. Start by taking the cap off of your craft ornament.  Using your glue stick (I used “Disappearing Purple” so that you could see better), apply glue over ornament.  You can start off by doing sections, or you can apply glue to the entire ornament.

image2. Pour some glitter into a small bowl, and begin rolling your ornament into the glitter, making sure it sticks to the glue
3. Sprinkle glue over the top to cover any areas you may have missedimage
4. Let dry

& voila, the perfect kid-friendly ornament.  The most mess you’ll have to do is vacuum some glitter off the floor!

PRO TIP:  If you want it to look more professional so the glitter doesn’t come off too much (like mine pictured), give it a coat of some spray sealant!  A glue stick isnt going to work as well as say, Mod Podge would- but this is the most kid-friendly and easiest way to achieve these cute glitter ornaments!

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