Fashion as a Force for Good: Fashion Project

April 3, 2014

Fashion Project was born in 2012, shortly after Harvard Law students Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk spied a mint condition Alice + Olivia jacket in a thrift shop, tagged to be sold for mere pennies.  They had a better idea: to maximize the jacket’s value and resell it for charity.  Today, items sold through Fashion Project generate up to 100x more for charities than the average thrift store–and they are just getting started.

When you get an e-mail from your co-worker with the words “Want to earn a $40 Nordstrom Gift Card?” in the subject line, you click on it.  I thought it was for a contest but to my surprise it was explaining a partnership Nordstrom created with Fashion Project.

I had to learn more so I went to and did some research.  The idea is simple: donate your brand name items ($50 retail value and above) and earn Nordstrom gift cards for every 5 qualifying items you donate.

I entered my info and a few days later I received a little box with more information and my pre-paid envelope to put my goods in.

Pretty cool idea, huh?  Now I’m not going to go through my closet and find my most expensive designer items, but items that I am never going to wear again and would otherwise throw out or donate, I will surely be putting in my pre-paid envelope.  If you’re interested you can go to the Fashion Project website to learn more.  I am super excited and proud of this partnership!

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