Disneyworld Epcot Drink Around the World Passport

January 19, 2017

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Disneyworld is truly a place where dreams come true!

Since Mike and I had not been to Epcot since we turned 21, we knew that we had to try the “Drink Around the World” experience at Epcot while we were in Orlando!  The concept is simple- get a drink from all 11 countries in Epcot.

My initial thought was OH DEAR GOD how will I survive?  But with all of the walking around, the hours spent at the park and the snacking in between, we managed just fine!  A fun part of our experience was writing down all of the drinks that we consumed at each country.  After the fourth drink, believe me, if you don’t write it all down – you will forget.  If you want your own customized Drink Around the World Passport, I am selling them on my Etsy Shop.  The front is fully customizable and the back has a checklist of the countries and a line to write the beverages you consume from each country!


How was your Drink Around the World Experience?!

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