DIY Footprint Ghost- Easy Kids Halloween Craft

October 6, 2013
Yesterday with what little supplies I had, we made DIY Fabric Ghosts but today I decided to take the kids on a trip to Michael’s and pick up acrylics that I was so desperately in need of!

We left the store with all kinds of goodies!
I wanted to create “Footprint Ghosts” with the kids today- what I like about this craft is
It’s SO easy, super kid-friendly and an adorable item to bring out every year when Fall rolls around.
What you’ll need:
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint (Black, White & Orange)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Googley Eyes
  • Glue

We started off by painting the entire canvas black
Make sure you get the sides of the canvas as well for a cleaner look
Next, set up your work station.  I chose to go outside and lay down some flat rate boxes (free at your local USPS!) and I filled up a bucket full of warm water with soap.  Once your black canvas dries and your work station is set up, pour white paint onto a palette or paper plate and dip your child’s foot into the paint.
Once the foot was painted, I went ahead and took my brush and painted in anywhere on the foot I may have missed
(Photo Cred: Sharon Burklin)
Press the foot onto the canvas for a few seconds and slowly lift foot off
(Photo Cred: Sharon Burklin)
Immediately rinse paint off foot in warm water

then admire how cute these itsy bitsy footprints are!
Grab your googley eyes and glue two eyes on to the heel portion of the footprint

You can add whatever text you want to your painting, glitter, or hot glue objects like fake spiders or cobwebs.

We decided we would add “BOO!” to Angelina’s footprint ghost

and then we added a ghost mouth!

There you have it!  An adorable footprint ghost.  I love it and can’t wait for them to give their painting to their Mom!  Let them paint around the footprint and glue things to the painting and just have fun!
While the kids waited for their painting to dry, we used the remainder of our orange paint to paint a pumpkin on the back of a paper plate.
This provided a good 15 minutes of entertainment
and a beautiful masterpiece! 
I had so much fun hanging with my precious nieces today and love that just a pack of acrylic paints provided hours of fun!  I can’t wait to start bringing out the Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts!

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