Care Package

Dinner & a Movie Care Package

August 5, 2014

Long distance dating can be difficult, so it’s important to keep the sparks alive and find ways to go on “dates” while miles apart.  This weeks date was Dinner & a Movie!

I stopped at Target and picked up some simple Market Pantry brand Spaghetti and Pasta Sauce (a meal under $2 -SCORE!)

I made my way over to the candy aisle and grabbed some movie theatre popcorn & candy

I spent 10 minutes in the movie aisle trying to decide what movie to get, when I thought of the thing Kevin loves more than movies–his video games.  Since he has all the ones he could possibly want, I bought him a card with game credit on it for his favorite video game. 

I fit it all in a medium flat rate box, packed it with tissue paper and a personalized card and sent it on it’s way.  Kevin loved it.  
I ended up spending under $20 for all of it!  I’d say that’s a pretty cheap date for a day full of smiles.

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