Kate Spade Office Inspiration

January 21, 2015

It seemed a sin to be a writer and not have a desk to sit down and write at, so I decided to get creative and do some rearranging!

My TV took up most of my desk, and papers and clothes always seemed to be scattered around it.  After readjusting my bookshelves and throwing away the clutter, I created an empty desk to work with.  Then came the fun part…decor!

1.  Kate Spade Notebook: $14, Nordstrom

2.  Diamond Shaped Post-It Dispenser: $10, Office Depot
3.  Kate Spade Scented Candle: $40, Nordstrom
4.  Kate Spade Sticky Note Set: $16, Kate Spade
5.  Umbra Prisma Photo Frame: $15, Bed Bath & Beyond
6.  Kate Spade 17-Month Agenda: $36, Kate Spade Sold Out
7.  Nate Berkus Gold Shears: $17, Target Stores
8.  Kate Spade Acrylic Pencil Cup: $23, Urban Girl
9.  Kate Spade Insulated Tumbler: $18, Nordstrom
10.  Kate Spade Acrylic Tape Dispenser: $23, Urban Girl
11.  Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler: $27, Urban Girl
12.  Levtex “More Issues Than Vogue” Cosmetic Case: $18, Nordstrom Sold Out
13.  Kate Spade Acrylic Letter Tray: $37, Urban Girl
What do you think?  Leave your comments below!

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