April 11, 2015
If you havent flown for awhile and are unfamiliar with modern day technology, I suggest you take a computer course at your local college.  [Only kind-of kidding]
Maybe I sound like an old maid, but I cannot believe how much technology surrounded me in just my first day of travels.
 When I first arrived at the airport, I expected to walk up to the counter and speak to a live person.  Wrong.
Step 1:  I shuffled through a shit show of a line to electronic kiosks where I would check-in, print my baggage tag, scan my passport, and print my boarding pass.  Step 2:  I would walk up to a live person (Whoa!) and place my baggage on the scale (34 pounds, phew), they checked my passport and I was on my way.  You’d think they opened a Gene & Judes, but alas it was the security line.  Everyone shuffled through, they did the whole X-Ray scan and I was good to go.

If you haven’t heard of GateGuru, I suggest downloading it.  It gives you detailed information of all the amenities around you in the airport and you are able to filter restaurants, bathrooms and shopping by Terminal.  Cool.

Cassie and I went to Wolfgang Puck- we grabbed a couple mimosas, a hearty breakfast and began boarding our flight to Cancun!
On flight, each seat had a TV Screen for your entertainment.  Instead of a flight attendant going over the Safety Guidelines, there was this entertaining clip.
For $7.99 you could have unlimited access to In-Flight Direct TV, watching Live TV and Premium Movies.  My seat mates chose Horrible Bosses which seemed like a good choice by the giggles to my left.
After going through customs we found our ground transportation, grabbed a few Coronas, and hopped on the shuttle to our hotel.  We made friends, who coincidentally sat next to us on the plane and are friends with the Groom of the wedding we were going to!  After 40 minutes we arrived at our beautiful resort…was I dreaming?

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