Day 1 in Greensboro, GA- “Corrado’s”

August 23, 2013


After a long drive to Greensboro, Georgia with an overnight stay in Paducah, Kentucky, we finally made it in one piece and without my Grandma’s nauseous dog, Max vomiting on me (Hallelujah!).
After we arrived at my Grandma’s home in Reynolds Plantation, we got ourselves unpacked, ate some dinner and crashed.  The next day kicked off our week of fun!


I woke up in the morning, brushed my choppers and threw on my cutest workout threads before grabbing a banana and heading out to the Lake Club inside of Reynolds Plantation.  The Lake Club is hands down the nicest place I have worked out in.  The entire building is lined with large paneled windows so you have a wonderful view of the infinity pool as well as the lake as you work out, the locker rooms are bright and clean with electronic lockers and any kind of toiletry you might need post-workout.
After sweating my buns off, I showered off and wrapped myself in the plush embroidered towel provided–I felt like a million bucks.  After putting myself together and snagging a few travel sized mouth washes I drove back to my grandma’s house where we got ready for dinner with our friend Tom at Da Corrado Ristorante.
In this blog I had previously spoken kindly of Tom.  He would frequent Da Corrado Ristorante in Greensboro, Georgia and sit at the bar and eat dinner alone while enjoying the company of all of the friendly staff and acting as a mentor to many.  He found a friend in a 22-year old man named Noah- he is a great guy, a perfect gentlemen and has a beautiful baby boy!  When Noah’s lease was up on his apartment and he was searching for someone inside of Reynolds Plantation looking to rent out their garage apartment, Tom immediately told him to pack up his things and move into the lower level of his home which would be entirely his to enjoy. The way Tom speaks of Noah and the stories I hear, I often forget that Noah is not Tom’s son but the role of father and son is very prominent in the two of them and I think that is a friendship that will last a lifetime.
Walking in to Corrado’s I felt like I was walking in with two celebrities- all of the staff stopped to hug Tom and my grandmother and all of the guests at the restaurant looked to see who these people were getting the star treatment.  Everything about the restaurant was phenomenal.  I have very low expectations of Italian food most places I go because I am used to my mothers cooking which is above any restaurant quality even in the likes of Chicago.

To our delight, Noah was our waiter for the evening and the service was exceptional!

To start I ordered a glass of their Luna Pinot Grigio which was delicious and not too sweet!
Coraddo’s bread is phenomenal but what really makes it is the buttery spread they serve with it- it is some kind of mix of tomatoes and greens.  Of course wherever I go I have to ask for oil and cheese as well. 🙂
A salad was included in my meal – I chose to upgrade to the caesar salad with anchovies and asked for a half portion as their normal portion could feed at least 2 people!
Per Noah’s suggestion, I decided on the Seafood Ravioli….my mouth is salivating just looking at it!  I again asked for a half portion so the actual portion is much larger.
I ordered another glass of wine while I devoured my ravioli and my Grandmother and I ordered cappuccinos and tarimisu to finish off the meal.
It was a great first day of vacation and a wonderful night at Da Corrado Ristorante!

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