Customized Wine Bottle Label

December 8, 2015


I love anything and everything customized.  I think it is so meaningful to receive a gift that has been picked out or made with you specifically in mind, so it’s no wonder that I fell in love with this project and want to make one for everybody this Christmas!  These labels retail for around $25, Do-It-Yourself and save a ton!



  • Wine Bottle
  • Sticker Paper
  • Scissors

First, you’ll need to remove the label from your wine bottle.  Follow this tutorial to do so.

After you have removed the wine label, make sure that the bottle is clean and dry.

Using this template, design your label in Word.  {Each template page fits 4 labels}  I edited the picture in an app called PhotoGrid- I used the sticker pack option to add on the santa hats and Merry Christmas logo.  I then dragged the picture into the template, and added the text.

Print your template out on sticker paper.  When printing, be sure to change the settings so that you get the best quality labels.


Cut out label and align evenly on wine bottle.  Start from the middle and smooth out to the sides so that you don’t have any wrinkles.





  • Christmas
  • Birthday
  • “Will you be my Bridesmaid?”
  • Encouragement
  • Anniversary
  • Bridal Shower/Wedding
  • New Baby/Mommy’s Night Out


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