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Cupcake Wreath

December 16, 2015


Happy National Cupcake Day!

 After a busy day of doctor appointments and errands, I decided to whip up a cupcake wreath in celebration of National Cupcake Day.  This took very little effort, and is an easy hit at any party this holiday season!

Start by baking your cupcakes and letting them cool.  Arrange cupcakes in a circle on dish.  I reused a container I had from Marianos.


Once arranged in a circle, begin frosting the cupcakes with green icing.  I used Wilton icing and a flower tip, going around each cupcake in a circular motion.


Using whatever sprinkles, fondant or edible embellishments, sprinkle on cupcakes–this will make your wreath come together


You can make a bow out of red fondant or a fruit roll up, I used a red bow that I had lying around


and VOILA!  I dug through my baking cabinet and used all items that I had on hand!  You can look through Pinterest for more inspiration on how to decorate your very own Cupcake Wreath.  So cute and so easy!


Send us pictures of YOUR favorite cupcake.  Happy National Cupcake Day!

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