Couple App: Review

August 16, 2013

When you are in a long distance relationship, nothing makes you happier than seeing that your significant other is calling you or has sent you a message.  Even better- a picture, a video, a drawing or a sound recording.  Couple App has all of those!  I was hesitant at first of a mobile app specifically for me and my boyfriend, I thought-how cheesy is that?  Once we started using it though, that is all we used from there on out!  Here are some of the great features:
(I apologize for the quality of the pictures and the fact that my screen is completely cracked, I don’t have a screenshot feature on my phone!)

I think texting is key for a long distance relationship- you can talk throughout the day without worrying if the other person is busy, you simply reply when you can.  The texting portion of the Couple App is pretty neat because you can see when the other person has read the message or when they are typing.  You can also see when they are “Offline” (most likely their phone is turned off), or if they have minimized the conversation or are “Online” (viewing any feature of the app).  You can add emoticons and there is a “nudge” button, similar to Facebook’s “poke” feature, where you can send a “Thinking of you” bubble.
Picture Messaging:
If you don’t have picture messaging on your mobile provider plan, this is great.  I send pictures of what I am doing throughout my day, an outfit I want Kevin to check out, pictures of my dogs or food, you name it!  There is a “Moments” section that logs all of your pictures, videos and sketches for when you are missing your other half and want to view your past visual interactions.
Video Messaging:
For me this is awesome because on my phone I am unable to send video messages.  You can use it to record a video message to your significant other but Kev and I both find that to be a little awkward so we use it almost like Snapchat- sending random crap to each other.  I started a daily “wop” video every morning for him to see when he wakes up and he loves it.
Sound Recording:
We have yet to use this feature but I imagine it would be ideal to tell a story if it is too long to type, or sing a song if that’s what you’re into.
This one is just silly, but it can be entertaining for a minute.  Essentially you put your finger on the screen and the other person puts their finger in the same spot.  Boom, Thumb Kiss.
This feature is can sketch something to send or you can activate “Live Sketch” where both of you draw together.  We have had some laughs with this one.
We haven’t really used this app much…I think maybe for the over protective type this could be useful, but I don’t need a physical map of where he is.
This is fun and would be more useful if we weren’t a long-distance couple.  It is a calendar for the both of you and you can even set alarms to remind you.
This is my favorite because I love looking back and old pictures- this is a collection of all the pictures, videos and sketches that you send using the Couple App.
(Kevin’s face blurred to protect identity)
So there you have it!  I give it a 4/5 stars.  There are some features they could add to it, and some features on there that you don’t need but Kev and I use it as our communication every day.  So go ahead and give it a try!
Couple App can be downloaded here and read more about it.

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