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Love Party

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date & Gift Ideas

February 13, 2017

To some, Valentines Day is a grand celebration equipped with a candlelight dinner, a bouquet of roses and chocolates almost too pretty to eat.  To others, it is just another day of the year – as some would say, a “Hallmark Holiday”. To me, every day is worth celebrating when you are with the one that you love so tomorrow is just another opportunity to celebrate “us” (and an excuse to eat surf & turf). Whether you are staying in…

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Love Party

Date Night: Cristine’s Hawaiian Escape

It’s hard to find much of a social life these days with working weekends, holidays and awkward hours but I’ve made it work and have been creating the best memories with Mickey.  He had off of work for a week for Spring Break but…

April 1, 2015

Date Night: Sakura Sushi

It has been six amazing months since Mick and I officially started dating and I’ve never been happier.  Our schedules are so crazy but it makes the times we do get to see each other that much more special.  To my delight, Mick called…

March 18, 2015

Couple App: Review

When you are in a long distance relationship, nothing makes you happier than seeing that your significant other is calling you or has sent you a message.  Even better- a picture, a video, a drawing or a sound recording.  Couple App has all of…

August 16, 2013

10 Digital Tools for Long-Distance Relationships

If you are in a long-distance relationship you know how hard it can be.  If you are in a military relationship it can be even harder.  Check out these digital tools to make your long-distance relationship a little bit easier. 1.  Free International Texting…

August 5, 2013
Love Wedding

Matt & Megan’s Wedding

My friends Matt & Megan got married this weekend at Geneva National in Lake Geneva and it was such fun being in company of friends new and old.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the two days spent at Geneva Ridge Resort were a…

July 11, 2013