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Campstine: Cristine’s Adventures in {winter} Camping

November 18, 2014

When I told my friends and family that I was going camping, they thought I was crazy.

When I said I was still going after looking at the weather forecast the day before, they thought I was suicidal.  But alas, I made it through my first cold-weather camping adventure with many imaginary badges earned.
Mick and I started out the trip around 10am on Friday morning.  Mick’s friends Cody and Matt were 30 minutes ahead of us and Johnny was meeting us later in the night.  Driving away from the suburbs I let out a sigh of relief, I was so looking forward to an escape for the weekend and enjoying the only weekend that I have off of work until January.
We arrived at the campsite and layered up for the next 48 hours of winter temps.
Mick, being the great teacher that he is, helped instruct me how to do everything and then let me try to do it myself.  My first task was setting up a tent by myself.
Mick first showed me what to do, and I went to town.  We set up a “community tent” and put a table in there, board games, a space heater, and I set up a little cleansing station with baby wipes, face wipes and body wipes (which all later froze).
Next order of business was making lunch, which we kept pretty simple to start with.  I had brought Pork Tenderloin and Roasted Potato leftovers, so we made a fire and threw the pork and roasted potatoes (in aluminum foil) on the log over the fire.
After a yummy lunch, we decided to go explore and went for a hike on the unbeknownst to us at the time, Hunting Trail.  We explored a frozen swamp and found entertainment in identifying animal tracks.
After our mini-hike we went back to our site to start up the fire again and bust out some cocktails.
Weekend drink of Choice:
Warm (or cold) apple cider with a splash of creme de cassis, and as much Jameson Whiskey as desired!

Camp Dinner


For Friday nights dinner, Mick taught me how to make a Camp Dinner, where of course I earned my Chefstine Badge.
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