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Breaking Bad Series Finale Viewing Party

September 28, 2013

Who will die?  Who will live?  What will become of Jesse?  Uncle Jack & Co?  Who will Walter use the ricin on?  What more are we going to find out about Gray Matter and will things end badly for Elliott and Gretchen? There are so many questions to be answered during tomorrow’s series finale of Breaking Bad and I am already on the edge of my seat.  I urge you all to celebrate in style the final episode of one of televisions best dramas.  Here are some easy and quick ideas for your very own Breaking Bad Viewing Party!

You can check out my tutorial for making Custom Water (/Beer) Bottles here.  Do not be alarmed, these are actually very simple.  I soaked the original label from the beer bottle off and scraped off the remaining residue.  For this particular label I used regular printer paper but I would suggest always using photo paper for labels like these, they give a much cleaner look.  Template for the bottles is in the tutorial.  
Lollipop Sticks

These are great because they really can be put into anything.  They look great in cupcakes or desserts, but put them in vases, drinks or edibles to add that extra touch.  Simply print out the image and cut out the elements.  Grab lollipop sticks (any craft or baking specialty store), popsicle sticks or toothpicks and tape or glue the element to the top of the stick. Voila!  Told ya these were easy, didn’t I?
Heisenberg Poster

How can you have a Breaking Bad party without at least one Heisenberg poster around?  Print up multiples and put them on a food or beverage table with candles around it, hang up on a wall or next to the TV.  You can download the full size image here or find your own and print it!
Missing Walt

I love this.  You can find the original image here and print off as many copies as you want- plaster them around your house or my favorite as a tribute to ASAC Schrader- in the bathroom and while you’re at it, leave a Schraderbrau beer there!
Los Pollos Hermanos

You can use the Los Pollos Hermanos logo for just about anything!  Grab some take-out from a place like Popeyes and stick the chicken in DIY Los Pollos Hermanos containers, tape/glue the labels to drinks or create customized water bottles using their logo.  The possibilities are endless!
Blue Meth Candy
Source: PopChampagne
You can find a great tutorial for blue meth candy here.  I didn’t have time to make these and also think they would only be used as decoration so I opted out of making them.  If you are having a larger group over,  I would suggest making these and filling them in plastic baggies as party favors 🙂
The series finale of “Breaking Bad” will air on AMC at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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