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At-Home Beer Tasting

October 15, 2015

Part of the fun of beer tasting is steering away from your everyday ales and exploring new types of beers.  Just in time for Fall, I visited my local grocer and built my own 6-pack sampler ($9.99) of all Fall beers to try with Mick.  To please every palate, try to pick a variety of flavor categories such as crisp, tart, hop, roast.  I chose to do a “blind beer tasting” where I covered up the beer bottles which made the tasting more fun and left room for some games at the end.  Set up your table with your free beer tasting printables (below) and take notes.  After each beer, discuss what you thought of it.  At the end, you can come up with different games such as- look at only the bottle caps and try to identify each beer you just tasted.  If someone gets it right, the other person drinks the rest of the bottle.  If no one gets it right, you split the rest of the bottle.  We came up with games on the spot and had a blast doing it!  It was fun to try a different variety of fall beers and we both found a new fall favorite we otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

At-home beer tasting is a fun way to try out new seasonal beers, and makes for a unique date night or an entertaining night-in with a group of friends.  Try it out at home this weekend and sound off in the comments below!

Print out your FREE  Beer Tasting Notes scorecard (one for each beer) as well as your Beer Tasting Mat (one for each person)- Courtesy of The Global Chameleon

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