August 29, 2013

After a little over an hour delay I am finally on my flight to Norfolk, Virginia.  I had just enough time before my flight to get myself situated and head to the Budweiser Bar for a pre-flight mimosa to calm my nerves.  After boarding the plane and getting situated in my seat, the captain came on and said that they have stopped boarding because of a broken part on the right wing so to just be patient in our seats.  They ended up putting us on a new plane (which I feel much more comfortable about) and after something over an hour delay we took off.
The past few trips I have been on, I have traveled alone.  I enjoy it and I don’t have to worry about someone else as most people get a lot of anxiety traveling and have a hard time just relaxing or being understanding about a problem that may occur.  I do wish I had a friend next to me to make the trip go by faster or a man to help me carry my bags though 🙂
I also have to say that this is one time I might actually have to SHIP things back home because I packed too much stuff…I sort of knew ahead of time that I was bringing too much stuff; that I didn’t need 4 pairs of shoes or 3 different handbags, 3 cameras or to lug around one big floppy hat but I also feel that if I didn’t bring it all, I would regret it.  Packing for a 14 day trip is extremely hard especially considering that both trips are pretty different.  Now I know and have a better idea for what to pack next time.  For now I am going to sit back in my seat and watch the clouds out the window.

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