A Day at The Beach

September 1, 2013
Today we spent straight relaxing.  We woke up at our leisure (which happened to be early for both of us but I went back to bed for another hour).  When I woke up I walked into the kitchen and saw Kevin cooking me a pre-beach brunch.  Salmon and rice with veggies.  A guy that loves to cook??  I hit the jackpot.
We got on our swimsuits, packed up a backpack full of beach essentials and we got on our way.  Our first stop on the boardwalk was Old Time Photo’s where we got a gangster/flapper photograph taken in front of an old time bar scene.  It was cheesy and cute and perfect.  We dropped the photograph in the car and walked down to the beach.  The beach was packed but only because it is tourist season- the locals barely even go out to the beach during this time because it gets so crazy.  We found a place in the sand, plopped our stuff down and went into the ocean.  For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have this fear of large bodies of water and above that, I have a fear of sharks.  You just never know.  But I got out there and acted fearless; throwing my body onto the waves, under the waves, over the waves.  Of course water got up my nose and I got an earache so after some time in the ocean I got out and sunbathed.  Kevin and I talked, held hands and just relaxed.
We decided to find a place to grab something to eat, walk around and see a little bit more of Virginia Beach.  We walked about 15 blocks, popping into stores and trying to find a restaurant Kevin wanted to go to.  Finally our tummies told us to just pick a place so we went into George’s Seafood Buffet.
I had the Fish & Chips and Kevin had a seafood platter.  The food was pretty good, but I decided to pick up the tab on this one and for a $70 meal I felt we could’ve gone somewhere better.  I had been debating whether to get an old time photo done or a character drawing and Kevin said “let’s do both” so we sat down for a character drawing next.  We were able to listen to Smash Mouth play as we were sitting for our portrait which was nice.
Afterwards we went back to the beach to play for a few more hours and then popped into a souvenir shop so I could pick up something for my little nieces and a shirt for myself.  
We officially cheesed it up in Virginia Beach today.  Now we are going to shower the sand off of us, pick up Buffalo Wild Wings and relax.

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