July 22, 2010

We find ourselves wondering every day whether or not we’re making the right choices to get us closer to the next days successions. Maybe the one we are blissfully perfect and happy with now is not who we are supposed to be with till death due us part. Maybe the excitement and chivalry ends sooner than we thought, maybe the temptations grow greater than the minds awareness. Of all the compatible men, maybe they aren’t located anywhere in arms reach, but across a city, a state, a continent or a country. We grow close to location. The thing that probably most draws us to someone is location. If you live in another country than what’s the point?
This is where my theory grows deeper, that maybe there are a few people we could truly be with for the rest of our lives but only one who will ever be found. Who wants to give up something amazing for something at the time is unsure. Not many people are willing to risk that.

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